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I am a neurodivergent psychologist offering diagnostic assessments for adults (18+) seeking to gain a deeper understanding of themselves. Specifically, I assess for Autism and ADHD and am particularly interested in adults who present with 'high masking' traits.  

I have been working in clinical practice for 11 years and after receiving a late diagnosis, I developed an interest in working with adults who identified as or suspected they are neurodivergent too. My aim is to make assessments and diagnosis accessible, while ensuring the service is warm, friendly, and considerate of the challenges late-diagnosed neurodivergent adults face.

I currently hold registrations in Australia as a Psychologist and Board Approved Supervisor. I offer online videoconferencing assessments and diagnostic reports only. Unfortunately I do not offer ongoing therapy but I am able to provide you recommendations for ongoing support if you wish. 

My approach is warm, down to earth, and I aim to be as practical as possible in my delivery. My preferred communication method is via email, so all enquiries and scheduling of appointments should be forwarded there.

The Assessment Process


First Contact

Contact me to schedule an initial consultation. This will be a 50 minute session where I will endeavour to get a deeper understanding of your concerns, and to decide collaboratively what the best next steps will be based on your presentation. As Autism and ADHD are commonly co-occurring, it is usually recommended to assess for both. Whenever there is an option to be time and cost-effective, we will opt for the most straightforward way of getting your needs met.


After The Intake Session

Assuming we are moving forward with an assessment, I will send you a range of psychometric assessments to complete online that will assist me in understanding your traits. This may involve questionnaires for your chosen family members and friends to complete also. You will schedule an assessment interview which takes up to 3 hours. Following the assessment interview I will compile all the information together, including the results of your psychometrics, to rule in or out Autism and ADHD.


Feedback Session

This will typically occur 4-6 weeks after your diagnostic assessment and will involve me providing you your diagnostic report and results. This will be an opportunity for you to ask any questions, to discuss ongoing recommendations and strategies for self-management, and also to get information about referrals should you wish to engage in ongoing therapy with a psychologist.

My books are currently full until May 2024. I will be opening up spots to book for the June-August period shortly. Please contact us to be put on the waitlist if you are interested.

Things to consider


The cost of this assessment service, with a comprehensive report, is $2250 (as indicated above). This includes the initial assessment, the diagnostic assessment, my time interpreting the information, writing a comprehensive report, and the feedback session.

I currently only conduct appointments on Wednesday's during business hours. All appointments are to be paid in advance, at the time of booking, in order to secure your appointment. I am unable to hold appointments without payment and I do not offer payment plans. I am unable to provide Medicare rebates for my services.

As best practice, I always recommend screening for both Autism and ADHD together. The reason for this is the high comorbidity between these two neurotypes. Statistically speaking, the chance of someone being both Autistic and having ADHD is higher than just being one or the other. A mixed presentation of Autism and ADHD can look very different to someone who is just Autistic or just has ADHD. This is one of the contributing factors as to why so many people have gone under the radar their entire lives, as they may not present with stereotyped or observable traits. 

In order to engage in this service you must be 18 years or older, have access to a computer with a webcam and a stable internet connection. Assessments can not be provided over the phone. The clinician needs to be able to see you during the assessment in order to make an accurate diagnosis.

I can not guarantee that my diagnostic reports will be sufficient for NDIS funding. The NDIS makes those determinants based on an individual's 'level of functioning' amongst other things that are out of my control. I can include recommendations for the NDIS in my report, but I can not assist with an access request. I am mindful of the cost of this service and if a goal of yours is accessing the NDIS, you may be better placed at an alternate service.

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