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Get to Know Me

My name is Amanda Moses. I am a neurodivergent psychologist offering assessment services for adults seeking to gain a deeper understanding of themselves. Specifically, I assess for Autism and ADHD and am particularly interested in adults who present with 'high masking' traits.  

I have been working in clinical practice for 11 years and after receiving a late diagnosis, I developed an interest in working with adults who identified as or suspected they are neurodivergent too. My aim is to make assessments and diagnosis accessible, while ensuring the service is warm, friendly, and considerate of the challenges late-diagnosed neurodivergent adults face.


autism assessments

Adult Autism Assessments via videoconferencing.

adhd assessments

Adult ADHD assessments via videoconferencing.

combined autism & adhd assessments

Combined Assessments screening for both Autism and ADHD. 

Psychologist Session

Contact Me

I am based in Sydney, Australia. I am available to provide assessments services via online videoconferencing to adults only. Please contact me below to enquire about booking an assessment. I communicate via email only. 

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