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Get to Know Me

I am Amanda Moses, a neurodivergent psychologist who has a special interest in assessment services for adults seeking a deeper understanding of themselves. I focus on assessing Autism and ADHD, with a particular interest in adults who exhibit 'high masking' or internalised presentations.

With 12 years of clinical practice experience, my journey took a pivotal turn after receiving a late diagnosis myself. This inspired me to support adults who identify as or suspect they are neurodivergent. My goal is to make assessments and diagnoses accessible, providing a warm, friendly, and considerate service that acknowledges the unique challenges faced by late-diagnosed neurodivergent adults. I operate using evidence-based methods that are also neurodiversity affirming. I focus both on my clients unique strengths and challenges and aim for the assessment process to be an overall positive experience.


Comprehensive autism & adhd

Diagnostic assessment and comprehensive report.

autism & adhd assessment lite

Diagnostic assessment and simple confirmation letter. 

combined autism & adhd assessments

Combined Assessments screening for both Autism and ADHD. 

Psychologist Session

Contact Me

I am based in Australia and am able to provide assessments to adults (18+) via videoconferencing. I offer diagnostic assessments Australia-wide.

You can find out more about the process and costs here. Please contact me below to enquire about booking an assessment. I communicate via email only. 

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